What is Anaesthesia?


Advances in anaesthesia, especially in drugs and equipment, allows simple and complex surgical procedures to be performed without causing undue distress to the patient. Modern anaesthesia is safe, and Australia have one of the best patient safety records in the world.

A Specialist Anaesthetist, also known as an Anaesthesiologist in certain parts of the world, is a fully qualified medical doctor who has completed post graduate specialist training in the field of anaesthesia. An anaesthetist is a physician and expert in the assessment and management of patients before, during and after surgery. With deep understanding of physiology, pharmacology, pain control and resuscitation, patients can be rest assured they will be carefully monitored and well cared for throughout the perioperative period regardless of the type of anaesthetic given.

In Australia, training and accreditation is administered by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) which allows the anaesthetist to use the initial FANZCA. The following video produced by ANZCA is a brief introduction to the practice of anaesthesia.